WISC Editorial Agenda 2014 - One Madison - From Town Hall To Action

It's all about next steps

The town hall meeting Rev. Alex Gee convened this past Saturday at his Fountain of Life Church on West Badger Road was moving, inspirational and hopeful. While many of the 500-to-700 people in attendance likely knew one another, and it would have been nice to have even more diversity in the crowd, the turnout was an impressive statement that Madison will not sit idly by as Rev. Gee and other African Americans call us out on issues of racial disparity.

It would be wrong to miss this opportunity to celebrate this response to Madison's abysmal rates of disparity in academic achievement, poverty and unemployment, and incarceration. Rev. Gee and a coalition of Black leaders are not the only ones who are angry. Good. Now, what are we going to do about it? Town hall participants filled out cards with their areas of interest and desired levels of involvement. But action is essential. We'll get back to you with what we view as promising next steps.


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