WISC Editorial Agenda 2014 - Changing Who Chooses Who - Two-Way Reform

Dems just as responsible and just as guilty

Last week the Wisconsin State Journal editorial board, with which our editorial board and six to eight others around the state have jointly called for legislative hearings on redistricting reform, correctly called attention to another politically-skewed and undemocratic redistricting issue – the Dane County Board.

While we have made every effort to remind voters that the current re-districting mess is the result of both parties choosing political power over good, fair government, Republicans in the legislature have gotten the brunt of the criticism because they're in power now and only they can schedule hearings on reform and they refuse. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos last week said I

t's because nobody cares. How's that for civic responsibility and integrity?
Anyway Democrats in Dane County have also ignored calls for non-partisan map drawing and rigged the process so there as few competitive races and as much protection for incumbents in Dane County as there are in the state legislature. And it's just as wrong and just as deserving of criticism and demands for reform and we're happy to supply some of both.







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