WISC Editorial Agenda 2013 - "Our" State Budget

No one's talking about the common good.






Our editorial agenda for the year consists of individual issues we named Our Climate, Our Schools, Our Government and Our Region, to emphasize the importance of some semblance of shared goals. It seems to us we can disagree on a lot of things but still have some sense of a common good. We're having a hard time finding that in the proposed state budget currently being discussed by the state legislature's Joint Finance Committee.

It's not just the substance of issues like expanded private school vouchers, unemployment benefits eligibility, Medicaid reform, public school and UW funding just to name a few. It's the rhetoric, the words lawmakers use to make their points. From the Governor on down, there's virtually no acknowledgement of the impact of these decisions on huge numbers of citizens of this state. It's all about ideological rigidity and nothing about taking care of real people.

Campaign money and anti-democratic maneuvering like re-districting has taken away any sense of "our" government. And what's left has produced a spending blueprint that feel's nothing like "our" state budget.


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