WISC Editorial Agenda 2013 - Our Schools/ Cheatham's Framework

Broad support for a long-term plan




Madison School Superintendent Jen Cheatham's thoughtful, comprehensive and inclusive preparation of the blueprint for the direction of our schools under her leadership continued this week with the release of what she is calling her Framework for Thriving Schools. It included a successful presentation to Downtown Rotary and yet another news conference significant for its diverse cast of participants, district employees, civic leaders, board members and others, who to a person continue to support Cheatham's work with an enthusiasm and sense of both relief and purpose that is palpable.

The Framework itself includes school improvements plans, a focus for schools and district priorities that have immediacy but no timetable. This is a long term plan for preparing every student to graduate from high school college, career and community ready. It's about focus, great teaching and leadership and accountability within the context of schools driving all the work. Will it work? It will if we want it to. And in what might be Cheatham's greatest achievement to date, she currently has everyone wanting it to work.

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