WISC Editorial Agenda 2013 - Our Schools

Schools of Hope is first, but just a start.




Our schools have been a frequent part of WISC editorial agendas over the years, and yes, Schools of Hope is an important component this year. But we are also looking beyond Schools of Hope in 2013, to a shared vision for public education in Madison and surrounding communities that emphasizes both closing the achievement gap and ensuring the success of all students as they prepare to be contributing members of society.

We intend to borrow heavily from United Way of Dane County CEO Leslie Howard's Achievement Connections goals of accountability and trust, especially in the areas of achievement, behavioral health, parental support and attendance. But we also intend to focus on making sure communities of color feel included, collaboration with the Urban League of Dane County, working with a new school superintendent and school board, and supporting our teachers. Our future is tied to our schools. Our agenda rollout continues tomorrow with Our Government.


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