WISC Editorial Agenda 2013 - Our Schools - Teacher Diversity

Urband League and District team up to recruit.




One of the strategies for maintaining the excellence of our public schools and for closing the achievement gap is elevating the status of teachers. Teaching is a noble profession and should be treated as one. But we also need many more teachers who look like the kids they teach. That requires a commitment to recruitment and retention as school district priorities.

The Urban League of Greater Madison is partnering with the Madison Metropolitan School District to attract new and diverse teaching talent. It's a partnership that deserves our support and attention. A week from Wednesday the Urban League and District will host a Job Seminar in hopes of attracting teachers and support staff in more than a dozen different certifications. We urge educators of color to attend. We simply have to do whatever it takes to get more African American, Hispanic and Asian teachers into our schools. Black kids need black teachers. We have to do more to ensure they get them. Credit to the Urban League and school district for this effort at doing just that.

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