WISC Editorial Agenda 2013 - Our Schools

Facts and action.




Early conversations about our editorial agenda focus on the state of our schools and achievement for all kids has included a desire for facts and community collaboration. In our minds, one leads to the other and we'll be watching that throughout the year. But this past week there were several examples of both. The first was data showing time in the district was not the determinant of achievement originally thought. That's not definitive in our minds, but it's a great start that leads to other questions. Second, a new analysis shows Madison's four-year-old kindergarten is an effective tool in closing the achievement gap. Again, let's learn more, but it's good information.

Then we have Dane County and the United Way of Dane County collaboratively opening a new early Childhood Initiative office in the Leopold Elementary School neighborhood. This is the birth to 4 component of school readiness that United Way is so good at and County Exec. Joe Parisi just gets it.

So…facts and action. Part of the recipe for Our Schools.

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