WISC Editorial Agenda 2013 - Our Government - Thanks Sen Ellis

Respected leader calls for hearing on redistricting reform


There's no question our quest to force our elected representatives to reform the broken and un-democratic redistricting process needed a leader, a respected voice to acknowledge how damaging the current system is and support efforts to make it better.

Thank you State Senator Michael Ellis. Last week Ellis said there should be a hearing on a bill to reform the redistricting process, asking those who oppose scheduling a hearing, "what are you afraid of?" We have the same question. Of course current legislative leadership and the folks who could actually schedule a hearing don't want to change a system that ensures their re-election or power for their party even if it breeds the kind of toxic partisanship that currently exists. If these folks are also willing to ignore someone of the stature of Michael Ellis it will speak volumes about their character and their ethics. The question has been called. It's time to get this hearing scheduled.


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