WISC Editorial Agenda 2013 - Our Government - Redistricting Courage

Freshman Democratic lawmakers show welcome resolve.





A little over a week ago we produced an editorial supporting a second bill introduced in the Wisconsin legislature to reform the redistricting process in this state. The current process is an ethically-challenged sham. What we didn't do is give sufficient praise to the legislators who co-sponsored the bill, including all 14 freshman Democrats in the State Assembly.

You have to understand how risky it is for these brand new lawmakers. First of all, leadership of both parties in both Houses, oppose reform and have for decades. To them it's all about power and if it takes an anti-democratic process to preserve that power that's fine with them. Second, there is usually a price to be extracted for bucking the party line on government reform issues.

What these rookies are doing is a breath of fresh air. One of them, Representative Dianne Hesselbein of Middleton, points out there are also nine Republican freshmen in the Assembly who might find the courage to put good, clean government first. If nothing else the Democratic freshmen have provided a stellar example.


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