WISC Editorial Agenda 2013 - Our Government - Collaborating On Reform

Three editorial voice join to urge redistricting reform

For as much as urging our elected state leaders to reform the process by which legislative district boundaries are redrawn every ten years is so much tilting at windmills, so too is it precisely the right time to take such a long overdue and badly needed step. That's why we have redistricting reform on our editorial agenda for the year, and why we will also be drawing your attention to similar editorial efforts by the Wisconsin State Journal and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The editorial boards of all three media outlets are spending this year trying to convince state lawmakers to change the broken, politically motivated and ultimately good government corrupting practice of essentially letting politicians pick their own voters. Iowa's got a better model. California's might be better yet. We have to move in that direction.

The time is right because the next boundary drawing is more than seven years off. Reform bills are ready in both the Assembly and Senate. All freshman Democrats, to their credit, have signed on. And Governor Walker told the Journal Sentinel it's something he'd look at. Both papers had editorials supporting reform in the last couple of weeks. We add our voice. Perhaps there is power in numbers.


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