Will Dane County set example for redistricting reform?

Editorial writers around the state have worked together this year to urge lawmakers to reform Wisconsin's redistricting system. The way the state redraws district boundaries every ten years after the census is currently rigged so incumbents are guaranteed re-election. It's bad government. There are better systems in place in other states.

A week and a half ago the Dane County Board, which is just as guilty of partisan redistricting as the state legislature, took fledgling first steps toward reform. A committee held a hearing, listened to arguments for reform, and according to my colleague Scott Milfred at the Wisconsin State Journal, seemed to agree to pursue an impartial redistricting system.

Earlier last week Dane County Board Chair Sharon Corrigan told our editorial board she was committed to reforming the system, but she wants to take the time necessary to get the right system in place.

We're willing to wait for a little while. But it sure would be nice to have Dane County recognized nationally as a municipality willing to do what it take to create fair maps and fair elections and true representation.

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