Why don't politicians show some respect for judicial opinions?

Losers resort to names

Politicians should support the right to vote

We are continually amazed at lawmakers who criticize judges with whom they disagree for acting out of personal preference rather than a reasoned interpretation of the law. We can only assume Senator Glenn Grothman for example does not know how he sounds when he whines about U.S. District Judge Lynn Adleman being "a known activist judge," who used flawed logic and "a twisted understanding of the U.S. Constitution," when he rightly ruled Wisconsin's Voter ID law is unconstitutional. Democrats do it too and it sounds juvenile.

In fact Judge Adelman used evidence from the voter ID case to find yet again virtually no voter fraud in Wisconsin. Republican claims of fraud are transparently disingenuous. Republicans don't want people of color, people with disabilities or elderly people to vote and everybody knows it.

Attorney General Van Hollen says he'll appeal and Governor Walker says he'll call an extraordinary session which is unfortunately how the game is played these days. We wish they'd stop wasting taxpayer money and insulting our intelligence. But we also wish that just once a politician would acknowledge that a judicial ruling against them was a reasoned legal opinion with which they disagree instead of calling judges names.


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