Well Done Road Work

Kudos to construction crews.




We all have a joke…or a few choice words…for the annual road construction projects that are as much a part of summer in Madison as mosquitoes and blue-green algae. The work is basically never ending. But were, exactly, would we be without it? And more importantly, how would we get there?

We got an email this week from and old friend not given to faint praise who suggested an editorial giving thanks and kudos to the construction crews who completely transformed University Avenue between Segoe Road and Allen Blvd. over what was a long and very hot summer. One of our editorial board members said the folks who worked on Monona Drive and East Washington Avenue deserved the same. And they're both right. Yes, it's inconvenient. But the result is safer, easier to drive and nicer to look at. The road builders did a great job under tough conditions and they do deserve our gratitude.


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