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Farrow and Mueller great Regent choices.





Governor Scott Walker had the job of filling three openings on the UW Board of Regents, including the traditional student representative on the board, a position that will be filled by UW Platteville student Joshua Inglett. For the other two seats Walker could have easily appeased some of the more outspoken critics of the UW and appointed people with similar feelings toward the System. Instead he chose two respected public servants with skill sets one would think would serve both the University System and the citizens of this state well.

Margaret Farrow served 15 years in the legislature and was the first women to serve as lieutenant governor under Gov. Scott McCallum. She's a level-headed, open-minded, likable person who recently was invaluable to the current success of the WisconsinEye public affairs network. Janice Mueller was state auditor for 13 years, and say what you want about the UW's accounting issues, having someone like Mueller can't help but inspire confidence. She won bi-partisan praise for her work.

Regents tend to be more independent that most people think to begin with. But we applaud Governor Walker for the wisdom of these choices.

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