UW plays the game the way it should be played

Reflecting well on a University and a city

Bo, his players deserve national media's praise

Since sports should really be a respite from the problems and worries of the world, and since in the 21st century it so often is anything but, we think doing sports the right way is worth noting.

In a time and culture when athletics often brings out the worst in people it is refreshing when the people involved compete and conduct themselves with respect and dignity as well as purpose and determination. Being in the Final Four is cool. It's fun to win. But we sure have enjoyed the national media acknowledging that Coach Bo Ryan and his University of Wisconsin basketball players are good people who approach the game with integrity.

By all appearances Bo and his players deserve the praise. But we also appreciate the light they reflect on the University and the city. We're looking forward to a continuation of that in Dallas regardless of the outcome of the games.

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