UW Med School's Award-Worthy Outreach

National honor for first school of medicine and public health

We've written occasionally about what we consider exceptional work the UW Medical School does training doctors to view providing health care through the widest lens possible. In fact, the UW is the nation's first school of both medicine and public health which, among other things, makes UW-trained docs uniquely qualified to address health disparities among certain population groups and in both urban and rural communities.

A couple of weeks ago the UW School of Medicine and Public Health was awarded the Spencer Freeman Award for Outstanding Community Service, one of the highest honors among medical schools. It's a recognition of both the school's successful teaching and training programs and its many partnerships with health organizations around the state. UW promotes those partnerships and works to maintain them. That outreach and community service is of course The Wisconsin Idea in action, but it's also exemplary health care. We congratulate the UW School of Medicine and Public Health on this prestigious award.


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