United Way's record-breaking community investments

It's been several weeks since United Way of Dane County announced what it was going to with the money you so generously donated during the last fund raising campaign. But as you know we consider that annual announcement as important was reaching the goal itself. Investing in the Agenda for Change is our responsibility to United Way and the agencies it supports. Allocating the dollars responsibly and efficiently and effectively is United Way's responsibility to us. And we are pleased to report that once again United Way has come through.

Over $17 Million is being allocated to efforts like Early Childhood Zones, Schools of Hope and HIRE Employment Initiative to support education, Housing First and Journey Home to support safety, and school trauma intervention, pharmacy assessments and access to insurance to support health. These are investments aimed not just at reducing problems but at systemic change. So, you made the right decision when you decided to support United Way. And our community is stronger because of it.

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