The Quest For Affordable Health Care

Obama and Walker need to fix their mistakes

It's hard to imagine how President Barack Obama could have gotten health care reform so wrong. It's hard to imagine how Governor Scott Walker could have gotten health care reform so wrong. Both men botched one of most important issues facing the citizens of this nation and this state today. Now it's up to both men to fix it and to get it right.

First of all we want to give credit to Senator Tammy Baldwin for her suggestions to Governor Walker on how to at least temporarily fix the problem of 77-thousand Wisconsinites losing their BadgerCare coverage on January 1st. She could have just criticized the Governor, but instead she offers constructive suggestions. And while he didn't accept the best suggestions, we give Walker credit for both delaying the coverage cancellations and calling a special session of the legislature to deal with the state's problems…problems of Walker's making.

But President Obama has to do better. His apologies are a start. And no one expected historic reform of America's health care system without some rough spots. But the inept roll out of reform has rightly damaged the President's credibility…and that's the first thing he may want to return to better health.



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