The Power Of...Distraction

Rep. Kleefisch pulls his bad bill

We were pretty hard on State Representative Joel Kleefisch earlier this week – deservedly so – for introducing legislation authored by a campaign contributor and his attorney that would limit the amount of child support the campaign contributor would have to pay. It was just a pretty ugly episode all the way around. So we need to acknowledge that Representative Kleefisch announced on Tuesday he was withdrawing the bill from an upcoming committee hearing.

However, while we'd like to say that Rep. Kleefisch realized he was wrong for paying back a donor by helping the guy avoid legally required support for the children he fathered, that doesn't appear to be the case. Rather Kleefisch says he's frustrated with the misinformation the bill has encountered, apparently referring to an accurately sourced and reported story by the Wisconsin State Journal's Dee Hall that exposed the pay to play deal. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos called the focus on who helped Kleefisch write the bill a "distraction."

We're quite sure of this, if Dee Hall and the State Journal hadn't printed the "distraction," this bill would be moving forward.


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