Terra Madre Day 2013 - Celebrating, And Preserving Local Food

Global recognition of imprtance of local food

Tuesday is the annual observance of Terra Madre Day, the international Slow Food network's celebration of local food. Last year almost 160,000 people in 130 countries on five continents participated by organizing meetings and discussions, dinners, farm visits and more to recognize the importance of local food to various cultures and to the earth itself. The day is designed to give visibility to the small-scale farmers, breeders, fishers and food artisans around the world and their approach to food production that protects both the environment and local communities.

But the best way to celebrate is at home, with family or friends, enjoying foods from Madison area farmers, small producers and markets and supporting these folks who are looking out for the sustainability of our land and the diversity of food that grows on it. These resources are more fragile than we think. But we protect them by eating them and supporting those who produce them. Tuesday is an example of positive globalization if we join others around the world in doing just that.


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