Talking about suicide, resources might help save lives

Talking about suicide, resources might help save lives

It feels terrible to reference the death of Julie Metcalfe in an editorial about suicide. So many of us feel close to Julie and her husband Tim Metcalfe, and the pain this is causing Tim and his family and all their friends is awful to think about.

But it would also be a missed opportunity to not acknowledge that by talking about Julie's death perhaps another suicide can be prevented.

Every suicide reminds us of the importance, the life-saving importance of talking about suicide and the help that is available for every person thinking of ending their life.

Because Julie and Tim were such important contributors to our community we express our grief and support in this way.

And because talking is such an important suicide prevention strategy we urge every one of us to get past our discomfort and stigma and talk, talk, talk about suicide.

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