Support For Early Childhood Development

Wisconsin evidence that Oabama proposal will work.





One need look no further than our own backyard for support for President Obama's State of the Union address calling for expanded early childhood education. The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute put out a compelling report a little less than a year ago showing significant benefits of quality pre-school programs. And among the beneficiaries is the Wisconsin economy.

Obama is proposing the federal government work with states to provide preschool for every four-year-old from low and moderate income families. The WPRI study showed that if that early childhood education is high quality, every dollar invested could return as much as $16 over time. The reported supported incentives to get kids in the greatest need into higher quality care and to do it early. But thanks to that research and the work of the Celebrate Children Foundation, Wisconsin is poised to take advantage of any new federal partnership in getting our kids ready for school.


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