Stop Trying To Limit Voting

Effort to ensure re-election is wrong

As offensive as the power-desperate legislature's resistance to reforming redistricting is, it pales in comparison to efforts to similarly maintain power by restricting the right to vote. The instance by ethically-challenged lawmakers that they be allowed to pick who votes for them is pathetic. But attempts to ensure their re-elections by keeping citizens who might vote against them from having the opportunity – or more accurately exercising their right – to vote is terribly wrong.

We're all familiar with the usual tactics like voter ID which make it difficult for certain segments of the population to vote. Tuesday the State Senate will take up a bill to limit early voting in ways that will make it difficult for still others, like people with daytime jobs or classes or family responsibilities, from finding the time to go vote. It's such a transparent effort to manipulate the system you'd think lawmakers would be too embarrassed to even attempt it. They think we don't care. They're wrong.


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