Startling concerns about race equality

Our shortcomings as a community, blessedly few in number, are for the most pretty benign compared to most places. We can always do better caring for folks without jobs or homes, but we've got resources available. But there is one glaring, egregious and unacceptable exception.

The recent report by the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, examining multiple findings of disproportionate arrest and incarceration, school achievement and poverty rates for African Americans is startling in its unambiguous conclusion.

"Could a place as prosperous, resourceful, and progressive as Dane County," it asks, "also be home to some of the most profound, pervasive and persistent racial disparities in the country?"

We are the worst folks, the rock bottom worst. That's sickening.

Council spokesperson Bob Jacobson says a comprehensive and coordinated approach to solving this problem is needed and of course it is. The YWCA is a great example of an organization that is working hard on just such an approach.

This is also a problem that requires individual actions by every one of us every day.

We better start changing a lot of how we think and act in this community because this is just unacceptable.

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