Shameful: Health of Black children in Wisconsin is rock bottom

More evidence of unacceptable racial disparities

The latest report on life in Wisconsin for African Americans feels like rock bottom. In the last ten years this state has been rocked with evidence that is the worst place in America for black people to live. We have the most segregated city and the highest rates of disparity in education, employment and incarceration. And now we are the worst in the nation for the well-bring of black children. It's all shameful. But the worst place for black kids? Can it get any worse than that?

It would be counter-productive to waste time trying to assign blame. We are all to blame. Fortunately the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families is leading efforts to draw attention to the problems and to their solutions. And solutions exist. There are examples of initiatives that are working in other cities that deserve consideration here. We have to channel some of the energy growing around the Race to Equity report here in Dane County to begin to address child well-bring disparities. It will require determination and will. But in the face of this outrageous statewide embarrassment it would be shameful to settle for anything less.

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