Safe Communities Parent Addiction Network

A new resource for families and friends affected by drug addiction.






As I tape this we are still awaiting definitive information from authorities in Boston. It was just too early to offer our perspective on the bombings. So we draw your attention to a new resource designed to help save lives and offer resources for family and friends affected by drug addiction.

It's called the Parent Addiction Network of Dane County, and it's the work of a team of volunteers, including parents, who have come together as a result of Safe Communities' drug poisoning summit to deal with the causes of opiate addiction including heroin. With the support of law enforcement, physicians, pharmacists, treatment providers and others, the summit's goals are reducing drug dependency and deaths from overdoses. But parents in particular acknowledged a need for information and this new web site is a one stop shop for treatment and recovery resources. This is a badly needed new help center and we think it'll be invaluable in helping people who desperately want it and need it.

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