Rep. Ryan's criticism of his own party is a lesson in getting government back on track

Paul Ryan's efforts on poverty are legitimate

It seems to us the surest way to stifle the possibility of actually making government better is to fail to acknowledge legitimate efforts to do just that. We believe Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan's recent efforts are legitimate and we simply can't pass up an opportunity to support them.

It now appears that Ryan's recent proposals to address poverty in American were a prelude to more sweeping challenges he outlines in his new book, The Way Forward. While the former reflected Ryan's experiences in visiting poor areas in US cities, the latter is an often blunt criticism of his own party, and not just the Tea Party wing, for allowing ideology to interfere with responsible governing.

We think the attacks liberals have leveled at Ryan for both of these efforts are regrettable. In fact we're eager to hear from Democratic Congressman Mark Pocan who has been refreshingly willing to reach out to members of the other party who are willing to work with him. We think Cong. Ryan is doing just that. The surest way to find out is to take him at his word.

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