Redistricting is unjustified discrimination against voters

Redistricting is unjustified discrimination against voters

The partisan redistricting of Wisconsin legislative districts every 10 years is an unethical and unfair political exercise in maintaining power. And finally a federal court has also found the scheme unconstitutional.

The panel of federal judges found the redrawing of district boundaries to ensure sufficient partisan majorities to ensure re-election of a specific party is illegal gerrymandering and is "intended to burden the representational rights of" in this case, Democratic voters. The judges went on to say the discrimination is not justified by a legitimate state interest.

It was annoying to be bombarded by self-serving and misleading statements by Democrat after Democrat in response to the ruling given Democrats refusal to reform redistricting when they had the chance.

Our best hope now is the Supreme Court will uphold the ruling and require reform regardless of which party is in power. And today we are one step closer to that.

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