Reasons To Veto

Will Governor listen to fellow Republicans?





It would be naïve at best to expect Governor Walker to veto every awful policy idea in the Republican-controlled Wisconsin State Legislature's version of his budget. Despite the harm that will be done to this state by his expanded vouchers program and rejecting federal Medicaid dollars, for just two examples, he is simply wedded to the political ideology of both. But if, at the very least, the Governor will listen to fellow Republicans, including the Attorney General, one would reasonably expect Walker to veto a goofy bail bond provision no law enforcement official in the state supports, and a provision to kick the Center for Investigative Journalism off the UW campus.

There are many others deserving vetoes to be sure…including a change in handling DNA evidence which the A.G. again opposes and a questionable no-bid process for selling state properties and on and on. But his response to his fellow Republicans' requests to veto the bail bonds and Journalism center proposals will speak volumes about his leadership.

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