President Obama is failing at immigration reform

Inaction is a drag on the economy

Despite the politically motivated and narrow-minded opposition to immigration reform in the US momentum for long-overdue and significant change appeared to be building over the last few years. Business leaders, smart Republicans and most importantly President Obama have been talking about the critical need for reform for social justice and economic growth.

That makes Obama's waffling on the issue so discouraging.

We've been critical of Congressman Paul Ryan's unfortunate failure to walk the talk when it comes to reform he says he supports but hesitates to push for. But Obama's got tools at his disposal and a history of promises that Ryan lacks.

So how to explain this week's analysis by the New York Times showing that despite his promises, two-thirds of nearly two million deportation case since Obama took office have been for minor infractions or for people with no criminal record at all? There's only one explanation – once again Obama is playing both sides against the middle and the country loses.

Full economic recovery in this country will not occur until we have immigration reform. Obama's failure to act is inexcusable.

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