Pay To Play

New rules allow shake-down during budget period.





One could argue that by approving fundraising during budget consideration the Wisconsin Assembly was just allowing for its members what the State Senate already allows for its. And after all money is speech as the land's highest court has been more than willing to attest. So in a way it's just tweaking the rules. Except for the fact that the Wisconsin Legislature, especially majority Republicans, is so blind to its own image as a money-driven, ethically-challenged, irresponsible body that it cannot see the continued damage it does to this state. And to Democrats about to write about been unfairly lumped into this mess we say your refusal to reform redistricting rules during your ten years in power makes you just as guilty.

The contrast is so stark: no significant job creation, no thoughtful education proposals, no innovative economic development incentives – instead lawmakers swiftly and effortlessly made it possible for them to shake down more lobbyists for more money during a time when they are most vulnerable to the demand. Nice job Speaker Vos.


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