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Supreme Court and WisconsinEye build trust


This week's Wisconsin Supreme Court hearing on the collective bargaining law known as Act 10 was notable for many reasons. We'll leave discussion of the merits of the legal action for analysis of the Court's eventual decision. But for now we want to recognize the importance of our highest court meeting in open session with WisconsinEye broadcasting every minute live. We can never take this for granted, as there are states, and of course our own United States Supreme Court, that continue to refuse such openness. Monday's session was just another reminder how important this public access to our highest judicial system really is.
And the performance of the court itself was honorable and respectful. The justices did themselves proud by allowing this important case for which 90 minutes had been allotted to continue for four hours. The questions for attorneys in the case were fascinating.
This display of good government only reinforces the importance of both a well-functioning Supreme Court and a robust and protected openness. Both the Court and WisconsinEye did right by engendering the trust of Wisconsin's citizens.



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