Obama taps UW professor's proposal for new tuition plan

Obama taps UW professor's proposal for new tuition plan

It's worth noting that President Barack Obama's new education initiative introduced last week has its roots right here on the UW Madison campus.

The president's proposal to provide two years of free community college tuition was also part of a plan laid out in a paper last year written by UW Madison professor Sara Goldrick-Rab.

Goldrick-Rab, the director of the Wisconsin HOPE Lab doing research on improving equitable outcomes in postsecondary education, included the recommendation in a paper she co-authored called "Redefining College Affordability: Securing America's Future with a Free Two-Year College Option."

The president's proposal would offer the free tuition to students who attend school at least part time and maintain a C-plus grade average.

First of all were glad to see Goldrick-Rab's work getting national attention. But more important the idea is a good one, and the federal government's biggest education idea in a long time.

We hope an obstructionist Congress does not get in the way of this plan to make college more affordable for all Americans, and increase the number of Americans who hold post-secondary credentials.

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