New Name, New Urgency

MadREP needs commitment, focus and investment.






The Madison region's economic development entity has a new name. It's all downhill from here.

Actually Thrive, the old name, needed to change. And the Madison Region Economic Partnership, or MadREP as it will inevitably be known, is an improvement. But as to the downhill part – forget about it. Consultant Mac Holladay said in this world at this time with these pressures and challenges, there is no ‘downhill from here' moment. And he's right.

It's been five years since Thrive was launched. The next five better be a whole lot more productive. Holladay and the MadREP board have created the Advance New blueprint. Now the eight-county business community has to step up with big money and bigger collaboration. Government entities and the UW have to be partners. But the private sector must lead. The Madison region has to do what Austin did and do it now. We are falling even further behind. We have the talent and the quality of place. Now we need commitment, focus and investment. In other words MadREP had better strive big and thrive big. Words matter. But this is about results.

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