New Era For Madison Schools

It's no cliche, and Cheatham must lead it.





In a way a new era for Madison schools sounds like a cliché and perhaps a little too grand. But you know what? This has to be a new era for Madison's schools and Jennifer Cheatham has to be the leader who creates it. She's going to need a lot of help. But the stakes are high and we are counting on her.

Let's acknowledge right away the selection process was unnecessarily ugly. It was kind of embarrassing. But we've seen nothing to suggest Dr. Cheatham's not a good choice and is up for the job. In fact we've been very encouraged by the enthusiastic approval offered by Urban League CEO Kaleem Caire, the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, and especially school board member Ed Hughes who claimed in his blog that excitement over Cheatham's candidacy had already resulted in a more unified and energized board.

Obviously Cheatham has a lot to do and do fast. It would behoove us all to start with a pledge to help and then get to it. Cliché or not, this is a new era for Madison's schools, and it can and should be the best one yet.


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