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The Iowa County Area Economic Development Corporation recently released a summary report of its first four and half years of work and it's an impressive document. First of all Iowa County has been an engaged and important voice in the regional economic development activities of the last five years, something of a model actually. That's been in part because of the innovative nature of its approach to economic development both in terms of business development and, perhaps more important, relationship development. The ICAEDC is an inclusive and collaborative agent for growth in Iowa County. Executive Director Rick Terrien calls it emotional intelligence and I think he's right. The report has more than two dozen testimonials from business, non-profit and civic leaders, and their remarks include repeated references to positive attitudes and willing support and assistance and an obvious desire to help people succeed which Terrien exemplifies.

This is a tribute to Terrien and his team. But it's also an important model for the region of which Iowa County is both a partner and a leader.


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