Mis-Placing Blame

Blame government process, not health care reform

On a tour of Madison tech start-ups this week someone in the field, someone very successful in the field had this to say about the computer glitches that have bedeviled the start-up of the Affordable Care Act's health insurance marketplace. "This is a procurement problem," he said. Not a systemic problem, not a health care problem, not a political problem…a problem with the government's buying practices. In fact the tech firm owner said he chooses not to do any business with the government to avoid the system altogether.

Procurement issues are serious and we should not accept such shoddy operations from our government. But, and this is the important part, they have nothing to do with ensuring access to affordable health care for all Americans. That remains the goal and for politicians to use computer problems as yet another excuse to ignore that goal for purely political reasons is simply wrong. Affordable health care isn't a game, especially a blame game. There are problems. There will be more problems. Fix them. And then let's see how the new law works.




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