McFarland Schools do it right with straight talk about adolescent depression

McFarland schools talk about adolescent depression

While rates of depression in young people are going up, and suicidal thoughts are an ongoing problem, we have a lot of faith in straight talk about mental health.

Kids will get it and respond if they are engaged in honest, open, non-judgmental dialogue – the kind of stuff the specialist at Meriter's Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Hospital are so good at.

So first, kudos to McFarland Schools for hosting a community forum about mental health awareness Wednesday evening at the Indian Mound Middle School Library. And then big credit to the planners for lining up a speaker from the Meriter Hospital.

It's too easy and common to ignore mental health issues in young people and avoid talking about them. Talking about them is what's needed most of all. We love that McFarland schools are being so proactive in addressing these issues head-on.

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