Mary Lou Munts's Full Vibrant Life

A letter of her passing that is so Mary Lou

We received word of Mary Lou Munts's death in a way that was so Mary Lou Muntz. It was a letter that arrived at the house on Thursday. A letter from Mary Lou, a family letter, that included among other family news the news that she had died.
It was in fact written by her three kids, with her approval they assured us. Mary Lou lived with dementia for the last five years of her life, the only years she didn't live what her kids called a full and vibrant life. Our guess is even the last five had some fullness and vibrancy. It's who Mary Lou was. She's probably best known for her six terms in the State Assembly. But her many friends knew her for her love of travel, food, family and a passion to make the world a better place. Mary Lou was an integral part of the team that made Monona Terrace a reality. She was warm and smart and funny and she lived both large and small. We were sad to get her last letter, but loved that it was sent.


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