Madison School Board Election Looks Bad

Poorly handled primary robs a candidate of a chance.




I'm sorry, but the recent primary election for Madison School Board kinda' stinks. It appears either a candidate for Madison School Board or a current member of the school board is lying to us and that a fair number of people are comfortable with the notion that it's simply politics as usual.

The disagreement between school board member Marj Passman and candidate Sarah Manske over who said what and knew what when is unseemly enough. We simply expect better from people in these positions. I mean this is the school board we're taking about. Our public schools. But what's really unfortunate is that in the process a really good candidate – Ananda Mirilli – was denied a well deserved opportunity to square off against the remaining candidate, T. J. Mertz.

It's undemocratic, it feels sleazy, and it smacks of a Madison political class that has gotten too comfortable with itself.

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