Kerry's Commitment To Climate Change

"Quietly" may be the way to go

 The headline of the New York Times piece on Secretary of State John Kerry's determination to focus his agency on climate change policy read "Kerry Quietly Makes Priority of Climate Pact." To which we reply, if quietly is what it takes to get this nation to follow through in actually making a difference in global climate actions we'll take it.

It has long been obvious that participating in the Republican strategy of disavowing climate change science, or tolerating U.S. promises of action and the resulting inaction is unacceptable. A new direction of working behind the scenes, as Kerry did recently with China on a pact to reduce production of hydrocarbons is not only tactically smart, it's necessary.

Kerry has a long history of pushing climate change legislation including bipartisan efforts, most of which went nowhere. His current efforts are similarly challenging. But we wish him the best as he does whatever he can in his current position to commit the United States to a lead role in the next phase of climate change negotiations.




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