Housing Comes Back

News Homes Month gets the message across.





There is a school of thought that our recovery from the recession of 2009, clearly underway – if slowly – will not be led by a rebound in housing as has historically been the case. First of all, we're not sure that's true. But second, even if it is true to some extent, home building and buying are still needed to sustain a recovery and help return some sense of hope and optimism about the future.

Here in Wisconsin the housing industry is again starting to grow. Current statistics vary, but many sources report significant increase in permits issued, new construction started and improvements in inventory and sales times. And of course mortgage rates continue to be historically low.

Governor Walker has proclaimed April as New Homes Month. Here's what we care about: that for many people home ownership defines the American Dream and we want as many people to own homes as want to own homes. And second, homebuilding helps drive our economy by, among other things, providing jobs. It'll take work to make this optimism grow, but we believe it's warranted.


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