Historic future of water

Historic future of water

For the last five or six years we've been watching the maturation of the science of water as an economic development strategy for the city of Milwaukee with growing excitement.

The idea made sense from the beginning, that this city on the shores of Lake Michigan, searching for a competitive identity, would create a center for research, design and product development having to do with our most important natural resource, water.

A few weeks ago our optimism was reinforced by the announcement that the Wisconsin Historical Society will hire an archivist to work exclusively on the work of the Milwaukee Water Council.

The society is betting, safely we believe, that Milwaukee is making history by creating a global center for water technology in the face of historic climate pressures on world waters. If Milwaukee's going to be the major place in the world for scientists and environmental leaders to turn for our shared hopes of protecting our global water supply, we need to preserve the documentation of that work. We appreciate that work will now be done.

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