Herb Kohl makes sure Milwaukee stays in the big leagues

Sale includes commitment to Milwaukee

Milwaukee keeping the Bucks is a good thing

Given some of the issues of professional sports and professional athletes these days I'm not sure we would say this of every city or every situation…but we are sure happy the Bucks are staying in Milwaukee.

The announcement of the sale of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise to a couple of billionaire hedge-fund managers comes with the condition that the team remain in Milwaukee. Not only was that condition a requirement of the seller, former U.S. Senator Herb Kohl, the man who kept the Bucks in Milwaukee for nearly 30 years, but the deal includes $200 Million…half of that from Kohl…toward construction of a new arena.

The fact is Milwaukee is engaged in a critical effort to raise its profile as an important, healthy, thriving city. And thus it is perhaps more important to Milwaukee than some other cities to retain professional sports franchises like the Bucks and Brewers to support that profile as a big league city. Keeping the Bucks here make's Milwaukee's future a little brighter. And you can't underestimate Herb Kohl's commitment and loyalty for making that happen.

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