Glimpses Of Wisdom

Legislature gets it right on guns and juveniles

It turns out it's been a pretty good week for common sense in our Wisconsin State Legislature.

First of all wiser Republican heads in the State Assembly scrapped a truly bizarre and dangerous proposal to allow anyone with a concealed carry permit to bring a gun into Wisconsin schools. The less said about the whole notion the better.

Then an Assembly Committee unanimously approved a measure to return nonviolent, first-time, 17-year-old offenders to the juvenile court system, giving kids who deserve it a second chance despite making a bad decision. We've long supported this move which has come up repeatedly at our WISC Children's Task Force meetings. There's plenty of evidence of harm done to 17 year olds who are sent to adult court when their offences really don't warrant it. We look forward to full legislative approval and the Governor's signature. And we're cautiously optimistic. Perhaps the State Legislature is capable of exhibiting some wisdom after all.

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