Gio's Garden Gala is more than just another fundraiser

Gio's Garden Gala is more than just another fundraiser

In an email invitation to her colleagues, WISC-TV news anchor Charlotte Deleste allowed as to how it was to "ANOTHER fundraiser." Well, it is, and it isn't.

It is a fundraiser, the annual gala for the nonprofit therapeutic respite center for kids with special needs, Gio's Garden, which Charlotte and her husband Ron founded.

But it's more than "another" fundraiser.

Gio's Garden is named for Charlotte and Ron's son Gio whose seizures have been a large part of their family's life.

Gio's Garden is a place where families can find support, care and the occasional break every parent with a special needs child needs. It gives strength and hope.

So Friday's gala is important to all of us here at WISC-TV, because Charlotte and Ron and Gio are family and we've seen it and lived it and this place, this house, this garden makes a difference.

Tickets are available on line at Gio's Garden. Thank you.

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