Friday is Ho-Chunk Day

Deep connections to Native Americans integral to nation's history, forward

It feels especially poignant this year to celebrate a holiday with such popular if not stereotypical connections to Native American culture in light of the post-election environment and the ongoing protests in South Dakota. It's always worth remembering that for all the schoolbook images of the origins of Thanksgiving, Native peoples have more nuanced emotions about the holiday.

But it is wonderful to acknowledge that Friday is Ho-Chunk Day and we're pleased the city passed an honoring resolution. In the ever more common and purposeful consideration of disparities and gaps in our social justice framework, we still tend to overlook our deep connections to Native Americans, here in Dane County especially.

Those connections are integral to our nation's history and continue to be moving forward. The combination of Thanksgiving and Ho-Chunk Day has a nice synergy to it and we appreciate the opportunity to celebrate both.

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