Forward Festival is a uniquely Madison celebration of innovation and entreupreneurship.

  As befits a celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship, Madison's Forward Festival has never been content to rest on its laurels. This is a living, breathing and changing party that this year sports a new name, a new length and a couple of new components. But what it remains is uniquely Madison in its approach and feel and that is a large part of what makes it so attractive. 

   Even with "tech" no longer in its name, Forward Fest is still about designers and hackers and makers and techies. The Ruby Conference will still kick it off, the Badger Startup Summit is still part of the lineup as is the Forward Technology Conference. But there's an Edible Startup Summit that's new, a High Tech Happy Hour and A Top Shelf Summer Taste as food becomes a bigger part of the eight day event. Most of all its about people who have started or want to start businesses here who really want to be here and wouldn't mind having like-minded people move here to join them. And that makes Forward Festival part of Madison's future and present and makes us want to be there.


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