Extension Benefits Jobless And Economy

And ending them hurts both

Our national political obsession with shrinking government regardless of the consequences on the lives of citizens who are struggling to get by raises serious questions of responsibility to say nothing of morality. The indifference so many elected officials have toward the poor – for blatant political advantage – is reprehensible.

But what we find confounding, if only slightly less disheartening is the impact this politically-motivated indifference has on the overall economy. As Congress dithers through an apparent charade over extending unemployment benefits CNNMoney reports that ending the benefits not only causes misery to the unemployed. But it slows growth of the economy by more than a tenth of a percent. So this Congress, battling for campaign dollars and talking points is both extending the suffering of people in real need of help but also hurting an economy "that has been growing at a sluggish pace." Quite an accomplishment for the greatest do-nothing Congress in history.


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