Dreams Of Indpendence

Egypt struggles as we celebrate July 4th.







The symbolism is simply too obvious to ignore: On this day we celebrate out most precious freedoms, and the Declaration of Independence that guaranteed those freedoms, we can watch yet another country and its people struggle to define and ensure freedoms for themselves. To watch the Egyptian people, even for the second time in two years, risk a destabilized country for the promise of a more independent society with democratically protected freedoms, is to realize how important ours our to us. And how much we need to protect them. That of course too is increasingly complicated as new technology and security needs provoke new thinking about rights and responsibilities. There are no easy answers. But we are free to have that discussion, to disagree with our government, to speak out and to change our minds if we feel the need. We risk taking those freedoms for granted. And watching events in Egypt we are again reminded why we must not.

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